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Our Story

Hi, I'm Tina K. Davis, founder of Petri's Place. I promise you this IS the short version of the story...

The Petri's Place journey started unexpectedly when I received a call at a local restaurant about taking in some opossum babies. Minutes later, I was handed a shoebox with eight tiny opossums, setting the stage for our wild adventure.

My fascination with opossums began in childhood when I encountered a strange, hissing creature in our flower bed. I was determined to befriend it, even naming it "Creature." Little did I know this early curiosity would evolve into a lifelong passion.

Years later, living in my grandparents' house, I encountered opossums again, thanks to our dog Jada's unusual knack for finding and gently “rescuing” them. These encounters deepened my affection for these misunderstood animals.

The pivotal moment came during a ladies' Valentine’s party at my house, where a conversation about opossums split the room. Shortly after, opossums seemed to appear everywhere in my life, starting with a baby opossum named Poppy, delivered by my aunt Marcy from her workplace.

Days later, Marcy brought another baby, Petri, who eventually became our matriarch.

This was just the beginning. Soon after, a call from my vet’s office led to me receiving eight more baby opossums in a parking lot. I suddenly had a family of ten opossums to care for, all during the chaotic early days of the COVID-19 lockdown.

With limited resources and help, I educated myself on wildlife rehabilitation, eventually becoming a licensed rehabber. However, I soon realized that running even a small rehab center is costly, with no state or county funding available.

To support Petri's Place, I launched Trash Cat Coffee and Trash Cat Cosmetics, with 100% of profits going to our cause. Rehabbing wildlife is ridiculously expensive and although we also accept direct donations, we have to keep getting more and more creative on fundraising.

One of Petri's Place's goals (and part of their mission) is to offer education programs to raise awareness about the benefits and beauty of wildlife. These programs will also allow us to identify and train future rehabbers all over not only our area but the country as well. The money we raise for Petri's Place will provide the ability to build our rehab network. 

I always say, I can't rehab as many animals as ten of me can. 

Join us in supporting these incredible creatures and spreading the love for our nocturnal friends. It's not just another pair of jeans, it's the wellbeing of a wild baby animal.

We are the friends of the wild.




Mission Statement: Our mission at Antenna Stories is to provide women with affordable, everyday fashion solutions that boost their confidence and self-esteem. We believe that looking your best never felt so good, especially when each purchase helps support wildlife rehabilitation. We're dedicated to offering stylish, versatile clothing and accessories that make women feel fabulous while making a positive impact on our ecosystem. 

Vision Statement: Our vision is to create a joyful and empowering shopping experience for women everywhere. We aim to be the go-to online boutique for those seeking casual yet chic styles that effortlessly transition from day to night. By combining fashion with philanthropy, we aspire to build a community that values both personal style and the well-being of our local wildlife.

Value Statement:

  • Empowerment: We believe in the power of fashion to enhance confidence and self-esteem.
  • Affordability: We are committed to providing stylish, high-quality pieces at accessible prices.
  • Sustainability: We support wildlife rehabilitation with every purchase, promoting a healthier ecosystem. 
  • Joy: We create a fun, vibrant shopping experience that celebrates individuality and personal style.
  • Community: We foster a supportive community of fashion lovers who care about making a positive impact.